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  • I do not love the earthquake, but i do love your prediction. keep on working. eventually the world will catch up. (28th Feb. 03)

    -Jeanne-Marie, UN

  • I was reading the information from your web page and found it very interesting. I noticed that you also are an amateur radio operator. I live in the mid west area of the US. This area has the potential to have a very extreme quake. In 1811 we had a quake that was estimated to be near 7.0 to 8.0 mg. In 1811 the quake caused the Mississippi river to run backwards for 3 days, with much devastation and death. I would like to learn more about the actual method of prediction you are using. 73s. (22nd Feb. 03)

    -Gary Green

  • I came across your site, I was impressed and saw that u were right in terms of prediction, as per your prediction on 12 th of this month, two correct quakes both of 3.2 and 3.3 magnitudes did strike in the predicted span of 48 to 130 hrs. .....We request to pay attention to this part of country using your excellent skills as people of this part need your skill than anybody else.

    Let me tell u we feel u are god send person for all of us who stay in this dangerous zone. (18th Feb. 03)

    -Ramesh Shah, Bhuj, Gujarat.

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