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  • Very accurate indeed. On 26 Mar , just about 1000h Port Blair experienced a Nice jolt. While saerching the net for usual inputs , came across your link. Great. keep up up the good work . (27th March 03)

    -Mampully Sankaran,Port Blair

"...Wish you for getting Nobel Prize" -ASIANET TV

  • Very happy to see lots of predictions come true. I wish that Govt. should take note of your prediction and help people from getting affected by earthquake. please keep it up. All the best. (12th March 03)

    -C.K.Viswanathan, Chennai

  • I've been checking your prediction everyday, I found that you are the most accurate predictor on the Web, you really amazed me. I am wondering, why USGS not doing what you do? I live in So.California, is there anybody doing the prediction using sunlight in my area? Why you can not predict northern atmosphere? How do you notice the earth axis been tiled? With what equipment? (10th March 03)

    -Young Chen

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