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              FROM VIEWER'S DESK....        

  • Once again u r right for Xinigiang border as it had quake for 5.6 in the region on 24th of Feb. 03. (24th Feb. 03)

    -Dr. Parag rana, Bhuj, Gujarat

  • Now it is beyond doubt for me to have total faith on you. (25th Feb. 03)                                  -Dr. Parag rana, Bhuj, Gujarat

  • Thanks for your mail of today reporting your perfect prediction on Xinjiang. It is really good to hear that some successful people like yourself have devoted themselves to this are trying to be of service to mankind. Me and my team have been following your site for a quite a while now and we have come across your successful predictions..(25th Feb. 03)

    -Richard Dean

  • Please, write me, how you predicted the earthquakes? (27th Feb. 03)                                                        -Boyko, Bulgaria

  • Hearty congratulations on the excellent forecasts - keep up the good work. All the best to you. (28th Feb. 03)

    -Ganesh B.R.Hills

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