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  • I came across your site today and it has really aroused my curiosity. If predicting Eartquakes is really possible, why isn't the Govt taking measures to record this and save precious lives? It is really astonishing that you have predicted the Hindukush earthquake two days back. I am really impressed. (4th March 2002)

    -Hari Kumar, Orissa

  • I saw your prediction, it looks like you're on the right track! (8th May 2002)                                   -Billion Watts, US

  • I was wondering if you have any predictions for the Seattle, Washington area of the Northwestern United States. I really trust your predictions. (9th Dec. 2002)

    -Michael Roscetti, Washington

  • Though the Governments which budgeting crores of fund (towards research) why don't try this method at least on experiment basis, which involves inexpensive. (10th Jan. 2001)

    -Dinamani, Tamil Daily

  • ...He is doing research on prediction of Earth Quake / Rain fall using sun rays and submitted several prediction reports on the same to me and the results come true to the tune of 80% in success rate. Apart from other print media and TV reports, we have also published a detailed article about his research in Mathrubhumi dt.9.4.1999. (10th May 2000)

    -M.P.Surendran, Editor, Mathrubhumi Daily

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